Health activities

Izere Mubyeyi has currently three (3) main health activites:

Providing information and orientation
– The epileptic children are consulted and treated in hospitals canters like NDERA, CHUK

– Children with orthopedic problems are oriented to be consulted and treated at Rilima and Gahini hospitals

– Those who have and hydrocephalus and microcephalic problems are consulted and treated at CHUK and Ruli hospitals
Physiotherapy exercise
A physiotherapist has been hired to provide physiotherapy exercises to children and youth from the …. months to 17 years old.
This is very important because the sooner the child benefits from these exercises, the faster he will make progress and access to school will be less difficult or even better will be very easy.
Sensitization campaigns
– Sensitization campaigns to the families, the community about the handicap and the care giving to the persons, especially children with disabilities with emphasis to the intellectual disabilities

– Sensitization campaigns about the HIV/AIDS and the voluntary test to the families having children with disabilities.
Up today a total number of 42 children and their family members have been HIV tested voluntarily.