The Izere Mubyeyi Center provides a special education to the children with intellectual disabilities. The children who have same physical and intellectual capacities make a group but everyone has his individual plan of special learnig. We have, in Izere Mubyeyi Center, three groups:

  • Children with severe handicap: They are trained about the daily life activities, like going to the toilet without help, speaking in the public, recognizing, identifying and differentiating persons and materials, etc.



  • Children with a moderate handicap: Children with a moderate handicap also learn everything in relation with the daily life, for example dressing themselves correctly, washing one’s body themselves, etc. they also learn the language because the majority do not know to speak. They learn the observation, the cutting up, the graphism and the initiation on lecture, calculation, drawing, etc


  • Children with a light handicap: Children with a light handicap learn reading and writing, calculating, drawing, environment, telling stories, general manners in the society and good habits.


The other children with different kinds of disability are oriented in other organisations like GATAGARA for those who present a physical handicap, the blindness and in HRD for those who have deaf and dumb disability.