Future projects

  • 484084_10151861674360459_208570759_nSocio-inclusion and integration for the youth with intellectual disability in society.
  • creating revenue generating activities.
  • Creating workshops for professional trainings for the youth with handicap in collaboration with their parents.
  • Promoting the revenue generator activities for parents.
  • Encourage parents and their children to always fight HIV/AIDS and making voluntary tests.
  • Looking for medical and food solutions for the HIV-positive children.
  • Looking for financial for the construction of building of the IZERE MUBYEYI’s center.
  • Looking for funds to extend the buildings of IZERE MUBYEYI center.
  • Creating and promoting income generating activities for children and parents
  • Creating an inclusive avocational trainings for promoting the young people with disability to be productive  in collaboration with their parents. The final objective of this is the social integration for children/youth with disabilities in the Rwandan society.
  • We thought about making our own assistive devices through card boxes (APT: Appropriated Paper based Technology) but the challenge was shortage of budget to organize the training and getting materials/equipments.
  •  Looking for medical and food solutions for children/youth.

In our future plans , we are thinking of half boarding services for the most disabled and vulnerable children who will be spending full time four days in the center and go back home on Friday after class activities and come back on Monday of the following week ( this is still a challenge due to lack of infrastructures-dormitories).

Besides the above mentioned types of children, there are other children with conditions like physical disabilities, deaf and blind children who are referred to the specialized centers like HVP Gatagara for physically impaired and blind as well as Nyamirambo School for deaf children and/or to other centers.