The effective partners of Izere Mubyeyi association are :


  • Handicap international: this gives us the technical assistance and gives up the material of physiotherapy, trainings on special education and sensitation to the parents who have children with disability.
  • Liliane Fonds via Faith and Light (Foi et Lumière) : It finances for some children from very poor families, consultations, drugs for epileptic children, surgical and orthopedic operations and hospitalization.
  • National Parallelompic Committee (NPC): It gives up advices and traings to the teachers of sport for people with disability. It also gives us some materials of children sports.
  • FENAPH (Fédération Nationale des Personnes vivant avec Handicap or National Federation of Disabled People): It organizes meetings, trainings for our association, advises us and contacts are regular.
  • Rhénanie Palatinat: It finances some material of professional activities for young people with disability and manual activities for their parents.
  • VSO (Voluntary Services Overseas): Sensitation for children’s rights.
  • Le Collectif TUBAKUNDE : This a national organisation assembles associations and centers for children with mental handicap. Izere Mubyeyi is the one of the founders.
  • The association continues to benefit from the political authorities some support.

The association has also the potential partners like :

  • Belgian Embassy
  • USA Embassy
  • Holland Embassy

  • Canadian Cooperation

  • We thank our partners
    • Kicukiro district
    • Ministry of Education (MINEDUC)
    • Ministry of Local Administration (MINALOC)
    • Ministry of Gender and Family Promotion (MIGEPROF)
    • Handicap International
    • National Para Olympic Committee (NPC)
    • Special Olympics Rwanda
    • Le Collective TUBAKUNDE
    • National Council of Persons with Disabilities (NCPD)
    • National Union of Disability’s Organization in Rwanda (NUDOR)
    • Jumelage Rhineland Palatinate
    • Point Foundation
    • Segal Family Foundation (SFF)